Creating Healing CD

creating healingcd
Erik Berglund
      Erik's newest CD includes positive healing words combined with music to enhance the healing process. Accompanied by his own angelic harp music, Erik speaks heartfelt, inspirational words to reinforce a mind and heart open for healing. Whether listening to every word or gently playing in the background, this CD allows the subconscious mind to enter a positive space to connect with the healing energy of God and the angels. While in no way making claims for healing, (for that see your doctor) what is exciting is the wonderful events that have happened to people who have heard this recording. People have reported getting back on the spiritual path, stopping smoking and healing their deepest core issues after hearing this

Angel Paradise CD

andgel paradise cd

Erik Berglund

Finalist for Best New Age Music of the tenth Annual Visionary Awards.

     Angel Paradise is Erik's newest CD that is perfect for healing and massage work. It is designed to bring in the comfort and safety of the angels so important in this time of change. It is produced by the Monroe Institute which utilizes Hemi-Sync frequencies promoting whole-brain states of consciousness. Erik has long used their CDs and is thrilled to have one of his CDs on their label. To learn more about Hemi-Sync, go to

The CD combines Erik's harp with the wonderful orchestration of John Mazzei. It is the first time he has had one long continuous composition instead of many smaller pieces. This allows the listener to remain in one cocoon of energy. It is ideal for healing practitioners as it is exactly 59 minutes and can be used to time an hour session. So whether for healing or relaxing, here is your chance to leave the cares of the world and enter the world of Angel Paradise.

Endless Light CD

endless light cd
Erik Berglund
     Endless Light is a remastered musical journey with more vocals and special frequencies added to enrich the experience of luminous light. Erik Berglund's Irish harp and voice combine with the rich synthesizer orchestration of Lumin to create a world of shimmering beauty, sensitivity and majesty.

Harp Music for Children

harp music
Erik Berglund
   Harp Music for Children  is a compilation of pieces from five of Erik Berglund’s CDs that are the most peaceful and soothing. All the pieces have been remastered with Bio-Sound Technology infused with Lemurian crystal energy which contribute to the seamless glow of the music. Spirit of the Healing Waters was rerecorded with the magic of Scott Rhodes on synthesizer. At a time of uncertainty and stress in the world, the inner child within us all needs peace. Lullabies have been sung and played to children from the dawn of time. The power of music to transport us to the land of dreams, is more important now than ever, especially for children. These heart touching melodies, played on the soothing strings of the harp ease us into the world of safety, letting go and deep inner calm. The music is ideal for going to sleep for both children and adults, and can also be used for massage, meditation and wherever peace is needed.

Angel Flight CD

angel flight
Erik Berglund
     Angel Flight  was conceived at the Great Pyramid of Gizeh where Christoph Hausmann met and invited Erik Berglund to come to Germany and do a recording. While on a concert tour of Germany and Switzerland, Erik joined Christoph in what used to be a Nazi headquarters, now transformed into a recording studio and light center. The resulting collaboration of Erik on harp with Christoph on synthesizer resulted in an album originally titled Project Earth which is now re-mastered , re-titled and repackaged as Angel Flight.

Angel Beauty CD

angel beauty
Erik Berglund
     Angel Beauty  is a deeper immersion into the world of the angels to carry their spiritual currents to the people of Earth. Through music the angels touch humanity's emotions which are presently going through major transformation. This music is designed to assist in soothing and healing those parts of us that need more love, joy, compassion, faith and trust."The harp is heaven's instrument, and Erik Berglund must have a direct line to channel such radiance!"
~ Carol Wright, NAPRA Trade Journal

Somewhere CD

Erik Berglund
     Here is the long awaited vocal collection of some of the most commonly requested songs performed by Erik Berglund in concert. Included are fourteen classic favorites, freshly interpreted to open the heart and rediscover the jewel within each piece. Teaming with Erik again are John Mazzei doing the orchestration and keyboards, and Paul White doing recording, mastering, and sound processing. In addition there is acoustic violin and viola by Carol Shives, acoustic flutes by Richard Hardy and backup vocals by Kathy Zavada. In this world of change, here is the opportunity to revisit timeless treasures. Welcome to the world of the heart and angel voice of Erik Berglund.

Creating Abundance CD

creating abundance
Erik Berglund

     If you have wondered how to increase the flow of abundance in your life, look no further than this new CD. The secrets of manifestation are shared for anyone who is sincerely interested in acquiring the consciousness of financial security. It is as easy … or as difficult as becoming one with the Infinite Supply of all there is. If you are ready, Erik shows you the way with God and the angels. This CD is like attending the most powerful abundance workshop available and comes out of the many years of Erik’s workshops of abundance he has given all over the world. He is a master of helping people attain abundance in their lives and when you listen to his powerful affirmations, you are offered the opportunity to embrace this new consciousness also. It will awaken within you the realization of your unlimited abundance that was always there but was waiting simply for you to know HOW TO CLAIM IT. After listening to these empowering messages, you will now know. The truth, as Erik shares, is that you may have all the supply that your consciousness may sustain and it is your birthright. You now can learn how to release all the false beliefs surrounding your finances and in fact, how to become a magnet for that which you desire.

Harp of the Healing Light CD

harp of the healing light
Erik Berglund
      Harp of the Healing Light  is Erik's most recent harp release. It was recorded at Transformations Studio near Calistoga, California, and mixed by Paul White with synthesizer orchestration by John Mazzei. It includes all the latest technical innovations of the recording industry combined with the most touching of Erik's melodies to create a sonic world of angels and light. Beginning with Light Prayer, we are taken on a journey through Healing Light, deep into Heart Reflection and culminating with the expansive Vision of Light. Sensitive, poignant and uplifting, this is music to touch your soul.

Angel Chants CD

angel chants
Erik Berglund

This soul stirring album features layers of vocals sung as Gregorian chants and choirs in Gothic cathedrals invoking the archangels, angels and healing.

"ANGEL CHANTS puts you into a spiritual trance within a few moments of listening to this fine recording. Erik's beautiful angelic voice and compositions invoke deep reverence and love for the Angelic Kingdom. Angel Chants expands our own capacity to open our hearts and radiate more love and compassion for all life. I put this CD on repeat for hours when I want to create a resonant mood of deep reverence and peace in my home. It truly sanctifies the space. Everyone who hears this music will receive many blessings from the Angelic Kingdom."
Aeoliah, recording and visionary artist

Harp of the Healing Waters

harp of the healing waters
Erik Berglund


     Harp of the Healing Waters leads the listener on a mystical, peaceful journey through the purifying and nurturing element of healing waters. The magic of the harp in poignant, soothing melodies combined with strings, flute, cello, and special effects creates a recording ideal for meditation, massage, relaxation, and healing work. "Can honestly be considered one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating recordings available on the market today."
~ La Vie Naturelle

Elysium CD

Erik Berglund

     Elysium, known through legend as the Heaven Realm of Ancient Greece, is the point of outpouring of angelic energies through music. The Garden of the Heart begins a spiritual journey through angelic planes culminating in the grand procession of angels, all carrying torches of light into the earth as Heralds of the New Dawn. Woven throughout this tapestry are angelic voices singing the forgotten language of the angels: music unfettered by the separation caused by words. This unique recording combine's angelic singing mixed with sensitive harp, flute and synthesizer, ideal for moving into new spaces of healing and inspiration. "Some of the most restful and inspiring music ever recorded." 'P.J. Birosik'

     ~ PJ Birosk, New Age Retailer "You don't have to die to experience the ecstasy of heaven!"

Angelic Harp Music

angelic harp music
Erik Berglund


     Angelic Harp Music is a devotional offering to the angelic kingdom whose unabounding love, mercy, compassion and grace are musically expressed through the original compositions performed and composed by Erik Berglund. Each piece is arranged and produced by Aeoliah with rich orchestral strings, flute, angelic choir and special digital sound effects that bring a new dimension to the world of harp music.

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