Guided Meditations CD

Renee Brodie

In response to many requests from readers of Renee Brodie's second book:

Let Light into Your Heart with Color and Sound, Renee has recorded this CD with all 19 guided meditations from her book, together with the healing sounds of crystal singing bowls.

Sounds of LIght CD

Crystal Voices
A deeply transformative sound experience.  Flow on this mystical river of sound into the tone world of the Crystal Singing Bowls ... calling forth the soul's pure note and the inner harmonies of deep love, joy and remembrance.

A Labyrinth of Sound II CD

Steve Story and Celia Bourez
The healing sounds of quartz crystal bowls

Crystal Bowls in Concert CD

Ruth and Daniel Clothier
This CD is a composition of instruments blending with voice and rhythms, while it reveals bell tones and the ring of crystal bowls with the heartbeat rhythm of drums, in union with Ruth's voice

Crystal Voices CD

Deborah Van Dyke and Valerie Farnsworth
This harmony of singing bowls and voice toning creates a sanctuary of sound for deep relaxation and meditation.  The sound waves produced by these pure quartz crystal bowls provide an inner body sound massage, releasing tension and stress held in the physical body, calming the mind and centering one's focus.

The Healing Tones of Crystal Bowls CD

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Renee Brodie

Journey through the Chakras to heal yourself with sound and color

This CD begins with an introduction and the tuning of the bowls.  Then the bowls are sounded individually, beginning with the largest ( the C note for the root chakra ) and continuing up the scale sounding a bowl to correspond to each chakra.


Journey to Wholeness CD

Starting with a 14 minute Chakra alignment, four more tracks follow of innovative and extraordinary, inspired songs. This music will entrance you and transport you to transcendent realms of peace, beauty and harmony.

Worlds of experience will open up, as you float on crystalline waves to places of inner connection and balance. The rich bell-like and low soothing tones were all recorded live with over 20 singing crystal bowls, flutes, chimes and world percussion.

This entrancing collection of songs births an entirely new musical art form all it's own. The exquisitely rich songs are the epitome of Crystal Bowl sound healing.

This music will align and balance the chakras - simply by listening! A perfect complement to massage and alternative healing therapies as well as being wonderful for stress relief. Play it as low accompaniment, to create harmony in your environment or sit back and relax into deeper meditation and illumination as you are attuned to new higher vibrational frequencies

The Healing Power of Sound CD

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Mitchell Gaynor
The Companion CD to Dr. Gaynor's acclaimed book. Dr. Gaynor is a leading oncologist who has pioneered new strategies for both the treatment and prevention of cancer. He is the author of numerous scientific papers and three books: Healing Essence (Kensington Health 2000), Dr. Gaynor"s Cancer Prevention Program (Kensington Health 1999), and The Healing Power of Sound (Shambhala 2002). His work has been featured n Newsweek, USA Today, The New York Times, Healthy Living, Vegetarian Times, and many other publications. He has also been a featured guest on Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Edge with Paula Zahn, Discovery Health, CNN, and Fox News

Travelling the Sacred Sound Current CD

Deborah Van Dyke

 Deborah Van Dyke  
This release from Crystal Voices creator & sound healer Deborah Van Dyke - this is the Companion CD to her definitive book on sound healing: "Travelling the Sacred Sound Current: Keys for Conscious Evolution"

Recorded live in her healing sanctuary, the essence of sacred ceremony is captured in this authentically beautiful CD. It offers an exquisite treasure of timeless healing mantras & chants, crystal bowl tones, drums, gongs, didjeridoo, nature sounds, and Peruvian whistling vessels, which provide a deep vibrational sound journey for inner attunement and healing.

Includes a powerful shamanic drum experience as well as a twenty minute crystal bowl meditation. Sit back, relax, and be prepared to embark on an inner voyage of transformation with this sacred ceremonial music and Deborah's compelling and soulful vocals. You will be soothed and transported to a place of deep inner peace. This CD is truly a sound vision quest for awakening, purification, and opening gateways of consciousness. Music created with a sacred healing intention - an frequency-shifting, soul-enriching experience.

Sound Massage CD

Brigitte Hamm
Brigitte Hamm leads guided meditations and holds seminars on crystal singing bowls, yoga, soul dance and visualization. Having worked for many years in the medical sector she has gained insight into various comprehensive alternative and spiritual methods of healing. She became aware of the importance of an open approach to personal problems which is the decisive factor governing the degree of recovery from illness and realized that a combination of harmonic music and special sounds helps to relieve all levels of blockages. She shows a way of activating one's own inner powers through incorporating one's physical, mental and spiritual momentum.

Return to Lemuria

Celia Sourez and Steve Story

The sounds and vibrations of the quartz crystal bowls penetrate deeply into the physical and emotional bodies where they act as a gentle massage to relieve tension and stress.  The vocal toning adds a human element to the sound that is calming.  The over-toning helps the listener to transcend earthly cares and reach for the greater joy and peace of the etheral realms.

Sit quietly and absorb the sound as it progresses.  Fell the sound.  It will carry you along.  Feel the energies in your body being activated.  Relax and enjoy the sound and the feelings.

Life in Balance Deeper


 Music to Amplify Energy and Body Work and Develop Intuition. Music for enhanced clearing with Shakuhachi & Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls. Experience the sonic vibrations of the quartz crystal bowls and world flutes to help restore your naturally occurring, harmonious patterns of relaxation, health and joy.

In their CD, "deeper", Life In Balance intentionally releases the inherent healing and clearing powers stored in the chakra-tuned quartz crystal bowls and the natural Zen enlightenment properties of the Shakuhachi flutes.

This CD creates a sonic-web that lovingly surrounds the listener in an environment of deeper intuition and knowledge where healing, completion, synchronicity and re-connection with the higher self occurs.

Crystal Wings of Light CD

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Where Healing and Entertainment Meet

Quartz Crystal Bowls--World Rhythms--Inspired Vocals
Stimulating Relaxing Alpha Brainwaves.Tune Your Frequency - Enhance Your Life!
A promise of Balance and Inspired Creativity

Quartz Crystal Bowls--World Rhythms--Inspired Vocals
Stimulating Relaxing Alpha Brainwaves.Tune Your Frequency - Enhance Your Life!
A promise of Balance and Inspired Creativity

"Crystal Wings of Light" is a truly inspired vision of Sacred Music.
Uniquely designed to blend the intent of healing with transcending
world rhythms, it calls forth your very Essence through ecstatic dance.
Anallia’s Brasilian heritage, entwined with her upbringing in Africa, Asia & Hawaii, fills her with an essence that is the core of all indigenous cultures.
She comes to share these tribal ways of healing,
using rhythms, dance and singing as a means of celebrating life,
releasing stress, and connecting with our “primal nature.”
Merge with your sensual, creative essence, and be deeply transformed

“Crystal Wings of Light” is extraordinary in its ability to lift your Spirit, and make you want to move."

All Is Forgiven CD

“All Is Forgiven”, he latest release from Ashana, blends sacred chant, mantra, crystal singing bowls and Ashana’s incomparable vocal improvisations. Called “a gift from heaven” by New Age Retailer, “All Is Forgiven” features one of the most exquisitely beautiful interpretations of the “Ave Maria” ever to be recorded.
“Ashana’s Ave Maria was so powerful it reduced me to tears.” – Yoga Magazine

Grateful Day CD




This instrumental CD was inspired, received, directed and brought forth every step of the way by Spirit! This is inspired/channeled piano music I have written, played and produced through divine guidance.  I had other amazing musicians play along with me and the result is a soothing, healing, heart opening, uplifting, yet relaxing CD - perfect for easy listening, driving in the car, a massage, inspiration for your work and creativity and great for  gifts!  

Review by Ron Rudin for Innerchange Magazine
June/July 2007

Grateful Day is a stirring and meditative compilation of 17 instrumental songs which feature the piano played by Beloved. The music represents the experience of spiritual experience, harmony with nature, and unfolding journey. Grateful Day gives me the feeling of a movie soundtrack that presents an inspiring visual landscape, but then I realize it is the soundtrack to Beloved’s Life. In addition to piano, you will hear a world class performance on guitars, bass, bouzooki, tamboura, sarod, synthesizer, shakuhachi, and percussion by Richard Raven Williams. Silver flute is played by Gary Cooper. The music style is a blend of classical and new age influences. There is a surprising versatility in the instrumentation and uniqueness of each track, considering how well united they are in a single minded expression of inner peace and love.

Peace Journey CD



Kimba travels internationally doing peace music concerts, conferences, workshops, and sound therapy sessions.  She has worked with and played music for events with inspirational teachers, musicians, and lecturers such as Alan Cohen, Jonathan Goldman, James Twyman, and Dr. Andrew Weil.


This CD is a transformational tool - a guided journey into the realms of sound as medicine.  Like the spiral of life-our DNA and our galaxy-these songs have no beginning and no end.  Their intention and purpose is to provide healing frequencies to assist in growth and transformation processes.  I created this CD as a natural expression of a lifetime of learning and loving music, coupled with a passion for the healing arts.

Another intention encoded in this CD is to provide frequencies that facilitate the creation of sacred space.  From this, one can access information, renewed vitality, balance, clarity, inspiration, relaxation, creativity, free expression, and transformational energies.  It can be played during various forms of therapies, yoga, bodywork, meditation, or as ambient music during creative endeavors.  As the planet is increasing its frequency-a recent phenomena measured and proven through scientific measurements-we can also shift to harmonize with these new vibrations.  Sound work greatly assists in the integration process-it is gentle and effortless.  Peace Journey has encoded alpha, theta, and delta frequencies-almost inaudible but definitely felt- to assist in transforming brainwave patterns, allowing for more meditative,

relaxed and clear perceptions.  This creates the space

for healing to occur on many levels.

Faraway Places Within

Ahria and Kristopher Stone

Faraway Places Within is a co-creation between two artists who have built their careers on making music that goes deep into the heart of the listener. 


Ahria brings to this music something she is loved for by her audience, her pure toning, vocals without words, a language of the soul, in a beautiful effortless expression. 


Kristopher Stone is known for his ambient, hypnotic soundtracks that touch the deepest places of our emotional awareness, and elicit the sound of our inner world.  His soundtracks are the foundation of this work.

The Chakras CD


Kristopher Stone


Healing Instrumental Music - The Chakras - by Kristopher Stone

The Chakras - by Kristopher Stone Healing Instrumental Music with Acoustic Flute, and Nature's Water Sounds


This unique album is designed to accompany healing, massage, yoga, meditation, intimacy... Incorporating 'Alpha State Tempo Mapping' (starting at or below a tempo of 60 beats per minute and gradually slowing down throughout the piece). Each piece begins with 30 seconds of water sounds with a drone ('Ohm Space') music element in the proper Key Note for that Chakra.

Each piece is 7 minutes and 30 seconds (7:30) in length allowing for easy Session Timing. Start at track 1 for an hour session, track 3 for 45 minutes, or track 5 for 30 minutes. Total run time is one hour.

In the OM Zone CD

Steven Halpern

The primordial cosmic vibration is orchestrated with gently rolling voices chanting the Om mantra, with ethereal keyboards and tambura.

Ideal for yoga and meditation. Bonus tracks include: Tomorrow Never Knows and Om Nama Shivaya mantra.

According to the ancient Vedic spiritual traditions of India, "Om" is the eternal, primordial sound in which past, present and future are included. Om is considered to be the basic sound of creation, from which our world came into existence.

Many people love to chant with others at the end of yoga class, but are uncomfortable chanting alone at home. IN THE OM ZONE provides an instant 'yoga class' of backup chanters, giving new meaning to spiritually oriented, good karma karaoke.

Angel Healing CD

Erik Berglund
Angel Healing combines Erik¹s harp with the wonderful orchestration of John Mazzei. One continuous composition allows the listener to remain in a sustained cocoon of energy. It is ideal for healing practitioners as it is exactly 59 minutes and can be used to time an hour session. It is also ideal for meditation, relaxation and creating the feeling of being surrounded by angels. It is the exact same music as Angel Paradise without the Hemi-Sync. It has been beautifully remastered with the expertise of Lumin.

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