The Secret

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 'The Secret' Movie on DVD  New

The compelling and life-changing film featured on
The Oprah Winfrey Show!
Discover 'The Secret' that transformed the lives of every person who ever knew it — Plato, Newton, Carnegie, Beethoven, Shakespeare, Einstein. Leading scientists, authors and philosophers will reveal all the resources you need for unlimited joy, love, relationships, health, money and more in this captivating movie. Extended version DVD - 92 minutes.

Down The Rabbit Hole

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Down The Rabbit Hole-Quantum Edition DVD

New Down the Rabbit Hole 3- Disc Set! with nearly 15 hours of bonus material.

Product Details:
Disc 1 - What the BLEEP – Down the Rabbit Hole
What the BLEEP – Down the Rabbit Hole delves into the theoretical underpinnings of quantum physics. With more than 1 ½ hours of new interviews with new scientists and 20 minutes of new animation, Down the Rabbit Hole explores the questions that the great minds of the 21st century are grabbling with.

Disc 2 - What the BLEEP – Ultra Extended Quantum Rabbit Hole
In the end, it really takes five hours to tell the BLEEP story. This version combines many elements from the first two releases, adds another 2 ½ hours of new interview footage, and ties together many strands of thought into a new world view.

It literally asks the viewer “How Far Down the Rabbit Hole do you want to go?” Using the interactive technology of the DVD player it lets the viewer choose “how far down,” and with their remote, set the depth of the interview sections. Other options allow the viewer to turn off/on both the dramatic scenes and the interview sections, and, finally go Quantum!
Not all DVD players may be equipped to handle this feature.

According to science, the only truly random events in the universe are quantum events. Using the random feature of the DVD player, the viewer can turn randomization ON, which means that the interviews and/or dramatic scenes always come out in a different order. And since consciousness effects random quantum events (as shown in the films) does this mean that the quantum random Rabbit Hole is a 21st century I Ching?

Disc 3 - Supplemental Interviews
With 90+ hours of interviews in the can, and a mountain of requests for more information, the filmmakers have put together an additional five hours of interviews. We hear the filmmakers asking the questions and the back and forth that gives new insight into the making of the films.

We're Saving The World DVD

12 minutes
A fifth grade class in Southern Oregon decides to send copies of a book to all the governers in the USA.  Why? Because one day Sharon Mehdi sat down and wrote an inspirational story for her granddaughter, a fable about women standing silently for peace.

It was a children's story for adults that showed how each person can make a difference.  And that's just what happened.  Encouraged by others to self-publish, "The Great Grandmother Gathering", the little pamplet soon took on a life of its own and was purchased by a major publisher.

"We're Saving the World" will uplift your spirits as it shows how generations can come together.  Here's a story that will leave you believing that there is still hope for the future.




Flowing Free DVD

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Relax in your own home with the sights and sounds of gentle waterfalls

Treat yourself to the pleasure of an auditory and visual massage.  Natural sounds of streams, shimmering colors, and soothing sights.  Dr. Charles Gagarin DC chose each scene for a deep relaxation response.


Provides nearly an hour and a half of beautiful, soothing background.  The 47 scenes, ranging from waterfalls to close-ups of colorful patterns, makes any space a pleasant place.


Long playing DVD

Kid Streams VHS

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Entrances kids from ages 2-10 while giving caretakers a well-deserved break.  The 27 scenes provide a magical world for young ones to enter.  Explore the wonders with them.

VHS NTSC 20 minutes

Dream Streams VHS


20 minute video that can become a part of a daily relaxation routine.  The 24 stunning scenes are both visually rich and entrancing.  A quick escape into the mountains.

VHS NTSC 20 minutes

Secret Streams and Sacred Places

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Provides words of comfort from the Bible as verses appear over a background of gently flowing streams.  Colorful and calming.  A union of wisdom and nature.

VHS NTSC 19 minutes

The Hidden Messages in Water DVD


Masaru Emoto speaks about his water research. Learn how you can affect water with your thoughts and words and what you can do to preserve this precious resource.

In Japanese with English translation. Includes:

The Hidden Messages In Water Vibrations History Tells Us Resonance Frequency Wonders Of Water Water Crystals

English and readable in any countries.  This DVD is taped when Dr. Emoto was giving a lecture in Portland, OR on April 19th, 2004.

Approximately 2 hours

Messages From Water DVD



Crystals from natural & tap water
Observations and experiments
Exposing words & music to water Projecting human thoughts onto water
Interview with Masaru Emoto and more...

English and readable in any countries. Approximate 38 min.

The True Power of Water DVD

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Dr. Emoto examines the power of prayer and thought to affect water. He discusses our practical interactions with water in our communities and throughout the world. The DVD includes his lecture and slide show to visually demonstrate the results of his water research.

Global Warming Water of the World Music & Water Pictures & Water Love & Gratitude History & Perspective English and readable in any countries.  This DVD is taped when Dr. Emoto was giving a lecture in Portalnd, OR on April 20th, 2005.


Approximately 2 hours

5th Dimensional Experience DVD

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  • Hello!  I am Diana Gazes, a traveler on the path with you...
  • I work with a group of multi dimensional master beings that I refer to as “The LighTeam”. Welcome to our world.


About this DVD:
Thank you for following your instinct to buy this DVD for it is truly a gift from Spirit. This is a very special time to be alive … a time where the veils between worlds are very thin and what was previously hidden has been appearing on my camera in the last year. Multi-dimensional photography has become my passion. As I walk through the mountain meadows and trails around Mt. Shasta, Mt. Fuji and other locations, I am constantly delighted and surprised to see what gifts from spirit will appear on my computer screen when I download my images. So many extraordinary things kept happening during the process of producing this DVD that a book is planned with many amazing images, stories as well as words directly from the beings photographed.

The photos on this DVD represent many different life forms and kingdoms … Fairy Realm, Nature Spirits, Galactic Civilizations, Star family, 5th Dimensional Codes and Geometries that are being radiated through the sun, moon, stars and directly from this beautiful sentient being called Earth. I believe they are appearing on these images in order to make contact with us, to share gifts … and to reach out and say “we wish you to know we are here and would like to work more consciously with you to serve the Earth and all who live upon and within her at this important time.”

While viewing, you will energetically experience many realities that are not reported on the news … they hold important codes and keys to activate your multidimensional bodies and human mastery. Enjoy!

Transmission CD

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This CD is a magical combination of music, mountain streams and sacred vocal invocations recorded live against the radiant beauty of Panther Meadow on the slopes of Mount Shasta, where large pastel balls of light were seen floating directly above the production site.

Transmission is a co-creation with Angels, Ascended Masters and many from the Higher Light Realms imprinting this CD with Great Love, Healing Energies and Universal Codes of Light.

This sacred journey into the Heart of the Creator opens direct communication with your Authentic Self and Source.  Your innate Genius and Creativity are naturally awakened and re-established in oneness as the heart opens.

Heartsong of the Buffalo CD


Dedicated to the Yellowstone Bison herd and their preservation




"When I was a young boy living in Western Montana, my family went on a day trip to the National Bison Range.  We drove around soaking up the beautiful Summer day, and then Dad slowly brought our big white Chrysler to a stop and pointed through the fence at one of the animals who was was white. 

It was Big Medicine, the White Buffalo, Dad was telling us of the specialness of this animal, how rare they were and how to some they were sacred beings, but then my ears started to not hear any more of what he was saying, and for a few moments there was nothing in my seven-year-old world but me and Big Medicine.  It was indeed a sacred being.  And I felt like I was looking at a long-lost relative. 

Years later, my spiritual quest took me to Yellowstone National Park, where I could sit under the wide Wyoming sky with the Bison herd and relish my connection to these wonderful beings.

Deeply moved by my experiences at the Bison Range and Yellowstone, I began an oddysey of finding my personal connection to Spirit through sacred questing, deep prayer, inner journey work, drumming, and travel to sacred grounds, asking for my connection to Spirit and for my life work to present itself.

The result of doing that inner work is that I have become a conduit through which Spirit can manifest its gifts, one of which is being able to "hear" a being's inner soul resonance as music, and to record that music in a form that others can hear.

Created through that ability, "The Heartsong of the Buffalo" is a result of a seven year odyssey of following my heart and trusting the guidance of Spirit."

Crystal Bowl Healing CD

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Steven Halpern

Crystal Bowl Healing features Crystal Tones™ classic frosted, clear, Egyptian Blue, Aqua 24-K Gold and “tuning fork” bowls, orchestrated into a meditative tapestry.  Your journey begins with an invocation recorded inside the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and continues through a sequence of individual and multiple crystal bowls.  Additional compositions combine the sounds of the bowls with ethereal space music.

Crystal Portal CD

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Crystal Variations Music Ensemble
Crystal Portal was produced during the Lunar Eclipse on the Harmonic Concordance (11/8/03), when a powerful infusion of love energy was experienced on Earth.  The six-pointed planetary configuration that occurred on this date signaled the coming together of heaven and earth, through the human heart for a new integration of the masculine and feminine energies. 
Recorded live, this work is an inspired blend of 39 crystal singing bowls, silver transverse flute, bells, Celtic harp, gong, water drum and other instruments.  The haunting melodies are seemingly simple.
A new music style which crosses the boundaries of jazz, world music, and new age, it is all of these and more.  Made with the intention of assisting humanity in all ways, it is perfect for deep listening, relaxation, meditation, and healing.  Playing time 56 minutes

Awakened Heart CD

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Saggio and Barbara Ruth

CD Review by Planet Lightworker Magazine

Native flute has never been so mysterious and haunting as when combined with the perfect pitch of singing crystal bowls.  Awakened Heart is a masterpiece that lovingly ushers the listener to a meditative state of awareness.  Perfectly crafted for use by healers of all modalities, this music sets the stage by carefully and uniquely caressing a space within us, heightening our awareness and sensitivity to the very subtlest of movement.


Etoiles Cristallines CD

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Ginette Labbe and Domenico Panaccione
You will hear and discover the Shanti Chimes which are unique and have 5 different sounds.  These chimes for us are just as powerful as the crystal singing bowls, but in a different way.  This CD was co-created for your well-being. The instruments are Shanti Chimes, Crystal Singing Bowls, Crystal Didgeridoo and other sounds.

Life in Balance CD

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Experience dimensional change.  This CD features the high-frequency Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls and a big dose of electronics and drums with Japanese Shakuhachi, Bansuri and concert flutes.

This is music for listening and movement ... for waking-up.  Star utilzes Classic, Platinum, Gold, Rose Quartz, Moldavite, Clear, Aqua Gold, Indigo, Holographic and Ultra-Light crystal bowls.

Chords of the Cosmos CD

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Deborah Van Dyke


Relax as serene waves of crystal bowl tones echo the musical harmonies of the constellations which Pythagorus called the "Music of teh Spheres".  Hearing these celestial harmonies puts us in a resonance with the harmonic order of the Universe.  This is a deeply healing sound journey around the zodiac wheel; the perfect companion for meditation, yoga and massage.

Heiwa Sanagi Peace Chrysalis CD

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Awai Hoshi

Profound meditation and healing results with AwaHoshi's first CD.  Heiwa Sanagi was created as a peace memorial for the world.

Listen to crystal harmonies with the high-frequency singing of the cicada.

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