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The goal of all scientific and metaphysical endeavors is to shed light on the unknown.  What was once thought to be “metaphysical magic” is now commonplace.  We live in a world that is rapidly changing, new discoveries seem to happen on a daily basis and what was believed to be immutable scientific fact has been turned on its head.  So too has the discovery of Andara crystal glass expanded our knowledge of science and metaphysics.

The first Andara crystal glass was discovered near Donner’s Pass in California.  Following an earthquake, a hillside had slid high in the Sierra Mountains, and what we now know as Andara crystal glass was revealed to the world.  The glass-like Andara are located in veins of Etherium powder.  Scientific tests of the Etherium powders have found rare earth trace minerals, silica trace minerals and monatomic metallic elements.  Further testing revealed just how exotic the properties of monatomic metallic elements are.  

The Science of Andara Crystal Glass

Monatomic metallic elements or single atom metallic elements behave very differently than normal metallic elements.  A new science has emerged to deal with the quantum like properties of high spin state (high frequency) heavy elements.  Superconductivity, gravity defying materials, teleportation, space-time manipulation, multi-dimensional universes and other truly astonishing discoveries have been made and are projected theoretically for the near future.

Tests done in the U.S. and Russia confirm that monatomic metallic elements are superconductors with a null magnetic field, repelling both north and south magnetic poles.  This is conducive to Zero-Point energy.  “Zero-Point Energy” (ZPE) is known as an energy that fills the fabric of all space, which exists at very high frequencies.  Monatomic metallic elements have the ability to tap into this limitless supply of energy in ways we are just beginning to understand. 

Most modern testing equipment is not sensitive enough to detect elements that are super-conductive in nature.  When tested, most return inconclusive results and readings.  Under spectroscopic analysis, monatomic metallic elements don’t even register.  Monatomic metallic elements have always exhibited the strange property of not being capable of analysis – they have been classified as substances unknown by testing labs. 

It has also been shown that monatomic metallic elements can actually alter their physical state and shift into other dimensions.  When heated under certain conditions, monatomic metallic elements, normally 35% silica, fuses into a beautiful glass – like material comprised of 75% silica.  Scientists are unable to explain how this seemingly impossible transmutation takes place.  Other tests revealed that the material could transfer its exotic properties to similar metallic or silica materials.  It seems that the monatomic metallic elements have the ability to resonate similar materials to their frequency rate, transmuting and / or transforming that material to resemble and reflect their exotic properties. 

Andara crystal glass is the result of monatomic metallic elements that are found naturally in the Etherium powders heated to high temperatures.  This process not only transmutes the Etherium powders, but refines the monatomic metallic metals and enhances their exotic properties.  Testing has shown that Andara crystal glass resonates at the high frequency of the exotic matter they were created from.

Frequency is a measurement of energy.  All substances can be measured for their wave signature of frequency.  Even our thoughts are an energy that can be measured.  Each organ of the body has its own frequency, with a particular range suggesting good health. 

Bruce Tainio, of Tainio Technology (an independent division of Eastern State University) in Cheny, Washington, created a monitor to calculate bio-frequency. 

He found the average frequency of a healthy human body is between 62-68 Hz. 

Dr. Robert O’Becker (author of “The Body Electric”) states “much about a person’s health can be determined by the frequency of the person’s body”.  If the frequency drops, the immune system is compromised.  As that average of frequencies drops we start to see disease such as colds, flu, Epstein Barre virus, cancer, etc.  On the other hand, higher frequencies denote physical health as well as highly creative and intuitive states. 

In a test performed by Bruce Tainio, a subject was measured for frequency. 

Then the subject held a cup of coffee.  The frequency dropped in seconds.  After drinking the coffee, the frequency of the subject dropped again.  The same tests were performed again, this time using positive and negative thoughts.  Within 3 seconds of thinking negative thoughts, the frequency dropped.  It took 21 seconds of thinking positive thoughts to bring the frequency back up.

Bruce Tainio reported in 1997 that the Andara Crystal glass has been put on an electromagnetic spectrum analysis and the electromagnetic patterns it emanates are not at all like regular glass.  Bruce also tested the Etherium powder using the bio-frequency monitor and found unusual properties in the trace minerals.  Andara Crystal glass is also heliocentric, meaning that it absorbs and reflects physical light toward the center of its crystalline spiral.  Without elaborating on the science of heliocentric refraction, we will say here that this causes the Andara Crystal glass to be very healing to gaze into while holding in natural sunlight.

The Metaphysics of Andara Crystal Glass

The Andara Crystal Glass was originally found by a half-Choctaw Indian woman by the name of Nellie, a Medicine Woman and Shaman.  Being a Shaman and healer she immediately knew it had powerful healing properties.  Her intuition was quickly borne out when various healings and other paranormal events started taking place. 

Nellie immediately sent Rev. Maia a batch of the Andara Crystal – Glass, and she too had some rather profound spiritual experiences with it.  This is the source translation of akashic record reading of Tehuti/Thoth by Rev Maia Shamayyim-Nartoomid. 

Tehuti  “Andara is the name we have chosen to give to these crystals.  They are composed primarily of “Prima Matra” (sacred matter) heated to very high temperatures.  We have related to you in past transmissions that the “sacred matter” powders (referring to the Etherium-Gold” and Prima Matra powder being sold as spiritual / nutritional supplements) coming from this sacred land were created by an inter-dimensional energy implosion.  Those we call the “Timewalker’, who worked in conjunction with the High Devas mythologically depicted as Unicorns, originally seeded the land for the formation of this Prima Matra.  When the implosion occurred the ‘seed’ material was heated not only to very high levels but also in a contained “hyper-field” which is created by two dimensions touching.  A hyper-field forms a “no-time” zone where linear laws of thermodynamics are warped or in some cases do not apply at all.  It was within such a hyper-field that the Prima Matra powders and the Andara Crystals were originally created.”

Tehuti  “Approximately 2,000 years after the inter-dimensional implosion had occurred, a Lemurian temple complex was raised on this site.  The name of this temple was ’Andara’ Meaning “Light of Beauty and Perfection”. The primary purpose of this complex was in working with the Prima Matra powders, crystals and water of the land.  By this we mean that through their purposeful interaction with the Prima Matra they effectively transmuted their crystalline DNA, therefore becoming a highly futurized form of “hue-man” being, even more developed in the Light matrix than the Lemurians of that age.  Thus, we will cease calling these colonists “Lemurians” and refer to them as “Andareans”.

Tehuti  “Now we focus on the subject of the Andara Crystals.  While they resemble a crystalline lava-glass and while certain similarities are present between lava-glass – such as obsidian and these crystals, they are vastly different energetically.  Natural lava-glass could only be seen energetically as a distant cousin of Andara Crystals.  Lava-glass is created from volcanic activity deep in the Earth, with the material coming to the surface in an eruption and being exposed to specific conditions as it cools.  Because these lava-glass minerals come from deep inside the Earth within chambers containing great heat, they do contain various levels of Prima Matra.  Andara Crystals are even rarer that the Prima Matra lava-glass, in that they were formed inside a no-time hyper-field creating within them a kinsothemitic continuum.  It is this continuum that allows a moving time field within the elemental and structural composition of the crystal formation.  In essence, this ‘K’ continuum does not align to natural polarity.  Instead, it phase-matches directly with the Universal Light matrix, or the ‘Golden Net’ of Athena.  (Note: Athena’s Net is the geometric space-time continuum, a.k.a. ‘The Web of Athena’.)

Being heliocentric, the Andara crystal glass tends to draw the individual’s consciousness into the center of the energy spiral within when they gaze into the crystal, thus bringing that person’s consciousness into more intimate contact with the Andarean consciousness.  Andara crystal glass also creates a double vortex, in other words they have zero point energy and they have super-conductive monatomic energy.

It has been our experience that the field associated with the Andara Crystal glass represents a very large kinetic potential.  It works quite differently than regular crystals like quartz, where one may amplify their intention through the crystal.  Instead, one inserts their intention into the kinetic field associated with the Andara Crystal Glass and the ENTIRE field moves in response to that intention. 


Ways to work with Andara Crystal Glass

Place some Andara Crystal Glass on the chakras.
Create crystal-glass patterns with them, for structuring inter-dimensional ‘golden zones’ allowing contact and synergy with higher dimensional Light beings.  This also allows the physical body to experience and merge with the ‘golden zone’ frequency.
Charge water with the Andara Crystal Glass.
Use Andara Crystal Glass to grow food.  This would promote plants with highly charged “monatomic fields”.

*Expand states of awareness
*Increase access to universal knowledge
*Activates the ability for channeling
*Accelerates the spiritual development process
*Creates a bridge between ethereal and physical dimensions

*Clear to light blue
*Light / Dark / Olive Green
*Dark amber to rootbeer
*Rose / pink (very rare)

Andara Crystals have been placed at all the sacred sites on the planet, in the temple and the pyramid in Egypt.  They have created a healing field surrounding this planet.  Each Andara Crystal connects and links with all the others and the sites and information at that location is available to those who can connect with their hearts and minds. 

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