Crystal Power Crystal Healing

Softcover 416 pages

The science, structure and power of the healing properties of crystals revealed

This unique book examines the basic scientific principles underpinning the fascinating art of crystal healing.  Presented in a simple, easy-to-read style, this comprehensive book will provide the key to anyone seeking to unlock the powerful healing properties of crystals.

The result of twelve years of research and personal study author Michael Gienger presents here an exhaustive examination of the proven therapeutic and healing properties of crystals for all our spiritual emotional, mental and physical needs.  Containing a wealth of stunning colour photograpy and detailed descriptions of crystals ad their application, this ground-breaking work provides the first ever comprehensive survey of the science and art of crystal healing


The Book of Stones

softcover 427 pages

The Book of Stones is a compelling reminder that the ground we walk on is sacred

The Book of Stones is the most in-depth, definitive guide to the world of crystals, minerals, gemstones and their metaphysical energies that has yet been written.  Encompassing over three hundred separate entries, each with vivid color photographs and essays by both authors, this book takes you deep into the world of stones and their uses for spiritual awakening and self-healing.  The Book of Stones can teach you about each mineral's scientific properties, history and lore, elemental energies, chakra correspondences, and which stones work best together.  Also considered are the stones' effects on the spiritual, emotional and physical self.  

The Crystal Bible

Softcover 400 pages

A Definitive Guide To Crystals

Beautifully illustrated The Crystal Bible is a comprehensive guide to crystals, their shapes, colors, and applications.  The directory format enables you to find a known crystal instantly or to identify an unknown crystal and covers the practical and esoteric properties of each crystal, including spiritual, metal and psychological emotional and physical effects, plus its use in crystal healing.  Its an indispensable reference for crystal lovers everywhere!

Encompassing traditional and contemporary crystal lore, this guide draws on Judy Hall's thirty years experience in this field.

Love is in the Earth

Softcover 726 pages
A Kaleidoscope of Crystals Updated
Best-selling comprehensive reference book addressing the metaphysical properties of hundreds of minerals, correlated to the astrological signs.  Takes the reader on an intimate journey into the subtle realms of crystal energy

Love is in the Earth Mineralogical Pictorial

Softcover 409 pages
Extensive mineralogical pictorial containing color photographs of hundreds of minerals with molecular formulae, description and localities found

Love is in the Earth Kaleidoscopic Pictorial Supplement A

Softcover 380 pages
The follow-up guide which updates the "old" and includes descriptions and photographs of over 100 new minerals

Love is in the Earth Kaleidoscopic Supplement Z

Softcover 374 pages
An extension of the reference books describing the metaphysical properties of the mineral kingdom

The latest supplement to the internationally acclaimed, best-selling Love is in the Earth.  Over 120 new minerals with photographs and updates on old minerals

Love is in the Earth Laying on of Stones

Softcover 273 pages
The Journey Continues

A guidebook for laying-on-of stones, including a mineralogical update, information addressing Master Numbers, and a cross-reference index of astrological signs and their associated minerals.

Healing Stoned

Softcover 107 pages
The Therapeutic Use of Gems and Minerals
The first contemporary work on gemstone energies since Edgar Cayce's channelings.  It covers 80 different gemstones and minerals with their energies and influences.  Individual instructions for making tinctures and wands, as well as listings for astrological signs and birthstones

Crystal Personalities

Softcover 125 pages
A Quick Reference to Special Forms of Quartz

This is your quick reference to the myriad forms of quartz crystal: how to recognize them, choose them, take care of them, and use them.  Whether you are just curious or already deeply involved with crystals, you will refer to this book again and again. Here is everything you need to identify at a glance over 60 different crystal personalities.

Crystal Enlightenment Volume 1

Softcover 175 pages

Katrina Raphaell

Transforming Properties of Crystals & Healing Stones

Comprehensive, yet easy to understand guide to the use of crystals and gems for internal growth, healing and balance in your daily life.  Learn how to extend your personal awareness and center by attuning to the crystal energies.  The magnitude and potential of crystals and gems to impact positively on our personal lives and the evolving planet we live on is significant. Included in this book is the ancient art of laying on of stones.

Crystal Healing Volume 2

Softcover 210 pages

Katrina Raphaell

Therapeutic Application of Crystals and Stones

Volume 2 of the Crystal Trilogy further refines the practical applications of crystal therapeutic techniques. Katrina introduces innovative, previously unavailable methods for discovering and removing internal imbalances.  This wealth of information derived from the author's first-hand experience is practical, while inviting the reader to explore deeper levels and gain insight into the processes underlying our disease and health patterns.

The Crystalline Transmisson

Softcover 291 pages

Katrina Raphaell

A Synthesis of Light

Volume Three of the Crystal Triolgy reveals a whole new dimension of awareness, bringing the crystal knowledge full circle.  Powerful and useful information derived from Katrina's direct experience is given, teaching us how to align with our own inner crystalline light force.  Katrina introduces the Twelve Chakra system through which the light body can become fully integrated into the physical body ad the crystalline transmission a living reality in daily life.

Rock Medicine

Softcover 183 pages
Earth's Healing Stones From A to Z

The intention of this book is to provide both a layman's "use guide" and a comprehensive medical text on the proper use and application of crystals and gemstones as tools for wellness.


Stones Alive

Softcover 326 pages
A Reference Guide to Stones for the New Millenium
New uses and applications for stones for the new millenium. From A to Z read stories from the heart while learning the form and cellular structure of the stones themselves.  Discover the connection with the Earth, yourself, and your life.

The Book of Crystal Healing

Softcover 129 pages
With the meditations and guided visualizations outlined in this book, you can tap into your own inherent aesthetic, poetic, or physica self-healing abilities.  Also included are 20 key crystals and their descriptions, helpful charts, tips on meditation techniques, and breathtaking color photos.

Crystal Broadcasting

Softcover 148 pages
Using Crystals to Remove Blocks and Barriers
A metaphysical cookbook that the average, non-psychic person can follow.  Presents an easy, step-by-step process that uses the energy vibrations of crystals and gemstones, sacred geometry and intention to redesign the conditions of your life.  Stop unwanted behavior patterns, improve health and fitness, create career dreams, find your soul mate and more.

Michael's Gemstone Dictionary

Softcover 416 pages
Comprehensive reference source for the metaphysical properties and uses of over a thousand gemstones and minerals. Based on informations channeled by Michael, a non-physical entity who guides Earth-bound students from a higher -plane perspective

Laying on of Stones

Softcover 66 pages
Learn where to place stones on your body with 40 detailed and helpful diagrams .  This book shows you where to place a variety of stones to help your body heal itself or enrich your life through a magical manifestation of desires.  The background history of stones and the many ways of using them are included.

Crystal Medicine

Softcover 256 pages
A down-to-Earth view of how indigenous peoples have always recognized and worked with the power of stones
This book shows how these practices use ancient and contemporary anecdotes, myth, and folklore, and combines shamanism, alchemy, astrology, sound and color science and quantum physics to explore crystals, gems and minerals.

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