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Mary Saint-Marie

Artist Profile

Mary Saint-Marie/Sheoekah, mystic artist/poet/sculptress, initiatress, spiritual educator, and author of GALACTIC SHAMANISM, THE HOLY SIGHT and two recordings, has traveled extensively sharing over 140 art exhibits as well as facilitating workshops, retreats, sessions and multi-media presentations nationally. The art has been presented for seven years internationally, including in a castle in Belgium.

Art of the Soul by Mary Saint-Marie is mystical, shamanic, multi-dimensional and inspirational. Her multi-media, multi-technique work is infused with Presence. It is Universal and transcends categories. It mirrors the Timeless and Nameless, sharing a deep Soul awareness of Oneness with Creator as Creation... "the marriage of earth and sky..." the union of HE and SHE. Mary works with "feeling the energies of Essence," playing back and forth between the form and formless, the visible and invisible, always using the human form as the "temple template of infinity." Mary's art reflects her journeys to the archetypal realms of light, revealing primordial and primal imagery and revealing the principle of balance in man/woman and in all of nature.

Mary says, "By concentrating/meditating on the Oneness, experiences of merging and blending with the kingdoms, the elements, the Divine Archetypes, music of the realms and the earth and the cosmos may come. Then... it is... that we glimpse our Star-Stone Essence. It is here that we glimpse and know the as above/so below, with no separation. It is here that we become aware of the interrelatedness and interconnectedness of all. It is here that knowing comes, that we are One.

Mary Saint-Marie was chosen as one of 44 international visionary artists for the book, One Source Sacred Journeys. Her art/work may also be seen in Songs from the Edge of Everything and The Ways of Spirit. Her art is collected nationally and internationally and has appeared on cards, calendars, recordings and magazines, such as international magazine, Quest, and recently Anemone in Japan. Mary has been interviewed in many television programs, including The Wisdom Channel, German TV, four San Francisco stations and across Brazil.

Mary Saint-Marie has been pioneering art that reveals Universal Principles of Oneness and Soul Beauty since 1972 in galleries, conferences, symposiums, expositions, workshops and  Ancient Beauty Studio in her home. Mary has been a part of more than 140 exhibitions nationally and internationally.

Biography and Education

Nature was the major childhood teacher of Mary Saint-Marie, gifting her with early experiences of Oneness with the kingdoms and the elements. There she saw and felt joy and beauty everywhere present. Her formal university education includes a degree in Education/English, after which she taught high school and college English, Mythology and Communication for 8 years. She was also coordinator and writer in public educational TV.  Simultaneously, Mary studied Fine Art at the University of Wisconsin. After a move to the west coast, Mary had a spontaneous soul merging experience, followed by a head on car collision during which her "Life via her Soul" was revealed as pure Joy. This was the catalyst to be an artist and to take a solo journey overland with a backpack to Spain, Morocco, Italy, Greece, Crete, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Kashmir where she absorbed the art, culture, heart and soul of these peoples. Upon her return to the US, Mary began her first art exhibitions (1972) and traveled to wilderness areas for about two years.

Since 1974, Mary has lived in simplicity mostly in the quiet mountain retreat of Mount Shasta, California. Mary is the mother of two grown daughters.

Information Packet

Additional information may be sent upon request. Listed are exhibitions, galleries, and TV interviews since 1972. Included also will be the books and web sites that feature the art and work of Mary Saint-Marie.


Beauty-SHE and HE

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Beauty-SHE and HE...embraced by the Universe...

And full they are...with stars and moons...reflections of the world within

That the world is within comes as a fearless thought.

Truth stands naked before us...a single eye...

Fear does fall away

We are embraced by the ever present spritual universe

Let us drink of this vision...

Starry Mantle of Spirit

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wandering...throughout eternity...wearing...starry mantle of does fill my soul...

Starry Mantle of Spirit reminds us that we are ever cloaked in the Timeless Infinity that speaks only of the exaltation on Oneness.

Words none...have I

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Words none...have I

for Silent Sounds do birth...upon this day...

This is a call into the single eye that lives in the silent beauty of the heart.  And does find its wings

The Ancient Ones

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The Ancient Ones...

they watch...they wait...they know...and they stay silent...

And whispers come...from in the rocks...and they hear...


The Ancient Ones...touches that place in the silence where "Knowing" awaits our coming.  It ever calls that we might hear.  That we might hear the speaking from the silent rocks, from the silent spaces in time, from the silent realm that dwells within our soul.

Star-Stone Essence-SHE

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Star-stone Essence-SHE

O Maiden of the stars...

Come ye unto the stones...and Be at Home...

Far have ye traveled...and there is yet a ways to go...


This painting calls to our remembering...our exiswtence of the"as above, so below."


Beauty-SHE...of the Universe

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Winged-SHE...filled with stars...

and many moons...does touch the world...

with flaming scarf...and is there...


In this image, the world is seen as a realm of beauty. 

 Let us see...that Beauty is...

Books by Marie Saint-Marie

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