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Store Tour

Welcome to Mt. Shasta's Middle Earth, The Crystal Room. All these crystals and minerals found their way to Mount Shasta through the guidance of Gina Gonsalves and her family. We invite you to let us entice and delight you with a virtual tour of our 8 rooms of crystals, minerals, jewelry, art and so much more. You will be led through our rooms just as you would if you visited our store in Mt. Shasta, California. On a live tour, friendly, knowledgable staff would be readily available for questions.
Feel free to call (530)918-9108, or email us with questions about your virtual tour. Click on images to see more of each room!

Castle St. Entrance

As you enter our shop you will find fine gem-stone jewelry and beads, cut and polished quartz crystals, beautiful mineral specimens, music CDs and works of Art on every wall.

The Crystal Room

Beautiful Lemurian seed crystals and Vogel-cut Lemurians are found here. More fine jewelry, many natural crystal points and clusters as well as cut and polished stones. Spheres of many kinds line one wall.

The Hall

This is a whimsical area filled with small specimens, carved animals and deities and baskets of pocket-sized hearts made of many mineral types. This is a favorite spot for children to explore.

The Mineral Room

Large specimens of crystals and minerals greet you here along with a demonstration DVD station and our reference books for the seeker of knowledge.

Middle Earth

Here in the center of the store you will find geodes, brass sculptures, windchimes, copper art, and large specimens. You can play the large crystal bowls in this room and explore the myriad of colors the geodes offer.

The Chamber

This room is home to an impressive overview of the quality and diversity of crystals and minerals that Gina sent. We usually hear the exclamation, "This is like a museum!" in this area.

The Annex

Just off The Chamber, this is one of our three rooms with outside light. This room holds more spectacular specimins, crystal singing bowls, local artists works, stained-glass, and books and decks.

The Bowl Room

This is our newest sacred space. Here you will find our many specialty bowls and experience their magic as a staff-member plays them for you. Large Lemurian crystals line two walls in this room lending their beautiful resonance as well.

Mt. Shasta's Middle Earth The Crystal Room
109 Castle Street, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067
(530) 918-9108  (888) 918-9108 Fax: (530) 918-9119
E-mail: crystals@crystalsmtshasta.com

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