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The Crystal Room


About Us

Enter Mount Shasta's Middle Earth and enjoy The Crystal Room where you will find beautiful crystals and minerals from all over the world. From Lemurian Seed Crystals to magical Gemstone Jewelry, you will find tools for healing and museum quality specimens for your home or workplace.

We hold an agreement with the crystal and mineral beings in our store to ensure that the energetic match between them and their human co-partners serves the Highest Good for both.

As you browse through the shopping cart pages, you will see many examples of types of crystals and minerals we offer. There are many more than can be shown here, and if you are looking for a specific type of crystal or mineral not listed, we can work with you to find exactly what you need.

In keeping with the energetic agreement described above, we ask that you fill out an on-line order form describing what you are looking for and we will give it immediate attention and respond to you quickly. 

As the right crystal or mineral beings are located for you, and their properties are read by one of our staff of gifted intuitives, you and your crystal/mineral co-partners will be united in Divine Timing.

There are also many items that you can order and pay for directly from this site, so please take time to see all the wonderful pages in our cart.Our online store offers a multitude of Fine Art, Jewelry, Books, Divination Decks, Music, DVDs, and crystal and mineral gifts. All these items are dowsed for energetic match to our mission and purpose in holding space for the conscious evolution of the planet and her beings.  Take a journey through our Featured Artist pages and see examples of their work and their artists' statements.  Many are local Mt. Shasta residents.  More exciting artists and items will be added soon, so return often.

In addition to all of this, we are the major distributor for Crystal Tones Singing Crystal Bowls. You will find examples of crystal bowl creations to be used for your meditation, healing work, group consciousness and musical creations in our online store.

Be sure to take our virtual Store Tour for a closer look at our 7 rooms of of Fine Art, Jewelry, Gemstones and more! Our web site has two functions. We hold the world-view that all matter is conscious and that all conscious matter reflects individual aspects of the Divine Evolving. These crystals and minerals have come under our care, Spirit led, in their journey to be with and work with individuals and groups who chose to become co-partners with their properties and inner-knowing. Our first function is to facilitate this inter-inner-action. This means that the crystal's and the individual's highest use and highest good is the governing criteria for the choice of the crystal or mineral.

Our BLOGSPOT features information about some of our unique Crystals and Minerals.  Check it out!  New Blogs are posted on a regular basis.


Crystals awaken
Rainbow hues
glow within
as Mystery unveils.


Freedom emerges
multicolored frolics.
Gaia's Children sing.

Swirl Rock

Stillness quickens as
consciousness accelerates
deep inner Knowing.


Each Crystal's
Light Dance
Joyously celebrates our
Co-union with Source.

Beverly Ann Wilson

Mt. Shasta's Middle Earth The Crystal Room
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