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Zenon Michalak



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Bernard Zenon Michalak





The Artist’s Biographical Sketch

Zenon was born in Nottingham England in 1948. At age 15, he, with his family, immigrated to the United States. The Artists’ first place of residency was Reno, Nevada, nestled under the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Mt. Rose. It was here in this desert environment that the first seed impulses of the Art, that was to overshadow his life, were born. Thirty miles from Reno is Pyramid Lake, once part of an inland sea. It is here under the auspice of a natural three-sided pyramid and what Zenon calls the Sphinx Rock, where the Vision was originally born, which has overshadowed his personal life. Now, some 40 years later, after gathering the seeds of American culture, especially as concerns the New emerging consciousness of spiritual Awareness, that Zenon can now review his Visionary life and synthesize the many diverse parts.

" Having lived the life of a visionary for 40 years in America, I could attest to the fact that I had the finest education pertaining to what I term the Western Hermetic School. Having lived in many diverse Mystery Centers and places of Power… these unique environments catalyzed a unique filtering upon the Visionary States that were spawned from access into the Collective Unconscious. In the realm of archetype, symbol and patterning, I discovered a Universal Languaging System (ULS), which indeed the ancients and All Great Spiritual Traditions alluded to. My Research, through visionary states, allowed access into what I term “The Open Book of Knowledge” to the Language of Alchemy & the Grail Heritage. The esoteric Teachings of Christ, as concerns the Gnostic Heritage & Sophia mysteries also became cognized as a patterning that emerged through the fabric from the Inside-out."  "The Revelation of the Aurora Light” as a spiritual Principle emanating from the Interior Sun was indeed the summation of that which I sought to Reveal. My singular lifestream had become a Storybook that sought the essential Codes that ultimately could aid others in the spiritual pursuit of Direct Knowledge.  My sojourn in Reno, Nevada and a University diploma in Art and English; culminated in the first Creation Series of acrylic paintings and the image of “the Source,” providing the initial Conception of the Work.  During my 20 years in Mt. Shasta where the “Grail Vision Series” in stained glass was birthed, many inspirations concerning Myth and the Realm of Archetype were gathered. Through the refinement of this emerging Languaging System and the rewriting of the Texts, inspired by Source Intelligence I saw how I struggled to ultimately convey the Codes through a Living Light Intelligence (LLI) that concerns the Future world. My extensive travels to Hawaii, Europe and foreign places provided the catalytic ingredient of shift & change to enriched the Pattern. Thus were provided the many Rainbow filaments for the Future Synthesis to be formalized in this Magnum Opus known as “The Great Work” in Alchemy.

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