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Linda Hoffman Snodgrass-The Crystal Room


Lynda Hoffman Snodgrass

The Russian novelist Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn stated the following as part of his 1972 Nobel Prize acceptance speech:

“Dostoevsky once enigmatically let drop the phrase: “Beauty will save the world”.
What does this mean? For a long time I thought it merely a phrase. Was such a thing possible? When in our bloodthirsty history did beauty ever save anyone from anything? Ennobled, elevated, yes; but whom has it saved?
But I have since learned that works which draw on truth and present it to us in live and concentrated form grip us, compellingly involve us, and no one ever, not even ages hence, will come forth to refute them.
And thus, the old trinity of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty may not be simply the dressed-up, worn-out formula we thought it to be in our presumptuous, materialistic youth.
What Dostoevsky wrote-“Beauty will save the world”
is not a slip of the tongue but a prophecy.”

Linda Hoffman Snodgrass-The Crystal Room




Beauty is truly uniquely perceived by each of us in our own way, drawing from the sum of our personal experiences during a lifetime.

My paintings have always been about some aspect of beauty as I have perceived it. Today, I want people to be drawn in when they view my work…to be touched by Nature’s beauty as I have been. I want people to slow down and to take a closer look, looking beyond that initial first glance, to truly experience the beauty that lies within Nature.

To get this message across to the viewer, I use color as my strongest voice. The Spirit of Color is to me true Beauty. Color holds a fascination for me that I am sure I will spend a lifetime discovering and sharing through my artwork. Currently, the dance of light, of strong contrast and reflective shadow, the pushing of color a step beyond reality- these are the elements that I am working with to portray the subjects in my watercolors.

The subjects in my paintings are all ones that I have personally encountered. Having been touched by their beauty, I am moved to want to share this experience with others through my interpretation in watercolor.

The tools that I use to create these watercolors are simple. Primarily they are; a pencil to draw my images on archival paper made for watercolors, permanent watercolor pigment (finely ground, non-fading pigments mixed in a water soluble binder such as gum arabic) and pure water. I like to photograph my subjects to preserve that moment when the magic of their beauty first touched me. Later, I create watercolor paintings of these subjects in the solitude of my studio located in the foothills of the Siskyou Mountains of Southern Oregon.

Perhaps, in viewing this exhibition you will be moved to take the time to slow down, to really take a closer look. Perhaps in that moment the Spirit of Color will touch you.

May you walk in Beauty!


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Linda Hoffman Snodgrass-The Crystal Room