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Andrea Garfield

Puja Art
Personal Angels

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Puja is a Sanskrit word meaning worship of God.  It is a ceremony and an offering...I believe in the arts as a puja and a profound tool, an offering for healing and inspiration. My passion began in the performing arts as an actor. Twelve years ago, I began my spiritual studies and felt compelled to paint as a form of devotion and worship to God. Working with "angels" came as a gift, spontaneously ... for I would randomly paint and then see inside the page the spirit revealing itself and simply assist their presence. I consider myself more a vehicle, or the eyes to see - than the creator of the art itself.

After creating a series of "angels," a company known as 3Souls produced them into cards. That was the beginning of Puja Art. From there I had a desire to personalize this work and began painting soul portraits. This was an amazing experience because I never knew what the outcome would be ... an essence, a past life, spirit animals, angels ... and I was always surprised by the magic and how profoundly they affected and resonated with the person I was "painting" for.  Puja art has been exhibited in The Sacred Nudes Gallery and Gallery Karon in Ashland, Oregon and in The Portal Gallery in Mt. Shasta, CA. Currently they can be seen in the gallery "everything but the girl" in Sarasota, FL and RAArt in Las Ve-gas,NV. The materials I use in my art are a layering of paper, acrylics and water-colors.

Inside each piece is sacred sound.  A mantra in Sanskrit or an affirmation that awakens and nourishes our divine nature. After working with angels and soul portraits my evolution has taken me to a new form of expression called Personal Angels. We all have many angels who guide us and love us. To me, they are alive and the more I open to them the more they reveal themselves to me. My intention is simply to remind us that we are not alone, we are loved and we are that love.

I feel blessed that my art can become a conduit for
those who desire the expression of that personal guidance in their lives.

Namaste - I bow to the god within each one of us.

Personal Angels
by Andrea Garfield

Give the gift of a Personal Angel created exclusively for you or someone you love. With each piece of art you will receive a printed card of your angel with a written note offering the mystical inspiration and manifestation of your angel from the artists perception.

Personal Angels are painted on masonite. Wrapped in a thick gold cord for hanging. (easily removed for custom framing)

Also available are original pieces of Puja Art and a selection of Puja Art Prints.

Price list:

Personal Angels

11 x 14 $300

14 x 18 $500

20 x 24 $750

24 x 36 $1,000

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