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Amara Kuan Yin-The Crystal Room






Amara Kuan Yin

Amara’s Treasures
From the Heart of the Earth
Jewelry to Re-awaken the Divinity Within
Designer Gemstone Bead Jewelry Created with Love and Meditation

Working with natural gemstone beads has always been my heart’s delight. As “treasures from the heart of the Earth”, stone beads are a source of powerful vibrational energy for healing and attunement with the energy of Spirit. Wearing genuine stone jewelry can both affirm who we are and help us to embody more of who we want to become, assisting us to progress along our spiritual path.
And of course, this jewelry is a joy to wear simply for the sheer beauty of the hand-selected and often unusual semi-precious gemstones.

Amara's Treasures-The Crystal Room





Within my sacred-space studio, in an atmosphere of incense and prayerful concentration, I create every piece of jewelry with focused intention of Love, Light, Joy, Peace, and Compassion to all beings, and with meditation on the energetic and healing properties of the stones. I also use sacred numbers within design patterns to enhance the energetic frequencies of the stones. Creating jewelry in this way is truly a joy for me, and each new piece feels like a celebration.
It is my prayer that every creation be a reflection of the magnificence, beauty, power, grace, and Love-the very essence of Divinity—inherent within each of us, allowing us to enhance our connection to the Divine and empowering us to be the joyful, loving and creative beings we are meant to be.

Along with quality stones, I often incorporate sterling charms that carry the power of ritual and symbol from many spiritual traditions, and exquisitely handcrafted silver or vermeil beads from Bali. The diverse components of each piece are drawn together in an intuitive process guided by Spirit, merging the essence of the stones themselves—along with color, form, texture, rhythm, meaning and blessing—into a whole that carries a special energy of its own.

Reverend Amara is an ordained minister in The Fellowship of the Lens, a spiritual network dedicated to honoring God/Spirit/All that Is as an active and Loving force in the Universe and to recognize the essence of Divinity existing within each of us. The Fellowship is devoted to service to humanity, honoring all sincere paths to Spirit and teaching that we can each be God’s lens, focusing His energy of Love and Light through ourselves for the benefit of all. The key to awakening and enlightenment is to BE LOVE, in every word, in every thought, in every deed, in every prayer. When we embody Love in every moment of our lives, and we learn to free ourselves from our own limiting beliefs, we discover the miracle of Oneness: the boundless joy and ecstasy of Union with the Creator-and with everyone and everything that is part of Creation.
Truly we are all One.

Reverend Amara also maintains a practice of hands- on healing work as a massage practitioner and energy healer.

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Amara's Treasures-The Crystal Room