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ShastaLight            Incense


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Alchemical Essences

Incense blends for Meditation, Ceremony and Intention

The ancient practice of plant medicine for sacred intention is brought alive by combining herbs and essential oils for use in the home or healing space.  ShastaLight Alchemical Essences are proprietary blends of the finest organic herbs, essential oils and flower essences, and are created through meditation and intuition guided by Angelic Beings of Light and Love.





The process of co-creation begins with an intention such as healing, clearing, prosperity, love, spiritual growth, manifestation, world peace, or an individual’s request for a personal blend.

The herbs and oils are selected through Divine Guidance, for their specific energetic frequencies. Each member of the plant kingdom has frequency alignments with celestial bodies, gender, elemental energies, magical intentions, crystals and minerals, and synergy with other plants.

As the recipe takes form, each ingredient is honored for its attributes that are aligned with the intention of the blend. Astrological and Celestial influences present at the time of blending empower the incense.

When complete, the blend is placed on a Mount Shasta altar with crystals and minerals that help to amplify the intentions. The blend sits for three days and nights taking-in the energies of the sunlight and moonlight as final prayers are infused into its properties.

Created in the presence of this beautiful mountain, the home of Telos and the Divine Violet Flame, ShastaLight Essences bring the energies of transformation and love into the world as tools for growth and healing.

How to use Incense Blends

Sprinkle a small amount onto a burning charcoal disc
Place in a dish as potpourri
Sprinkle into hot bath water
Use as a sacred offering to the Earth where ceremony is held
Carry in pocket or bag as a Talisman
Add to steaming water on the stove
Offer to the fire at sacred ceremony
Sprinkle a small amount as an offering to bodies of water
Give as a gift to those who are seeking tools for transformation

Workshops are available to be scheduled for small groups:

A workshop to Discover the magical properties and folk lore of herbs and essential oils. (see flyer below)

A weekend workshop of incredible opening and joy-filled fun.
Music, Movement, Mindfulness & Myth - The Myth That Changed The World. (PDF)

Contact Information
Karen Sheeks RN MS
P. O. Box 767
Mount Shasta CA 96067
505-770-7783 cell

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The Workshops below are available to be scheduled for small groups in beautiful
Mt. Shasta or in your location

ShastaLight Alchemical Essences Magical Incense Workshop

Discover the magical properties & folklore of herbs and essential oils used in ancient alchemical practice for incense blends

call 530-926-1447 or email
Karen Sheeks
see ShastaLight

The Myth that Changed the World

Movement, music, mindfulness and myth -
a weekend of incredible opening and joyfilled fun.

call 530-926-1447 or email
Karen Sheeks
see ShastaLight